Intention is EVERYTHING; Time for an Intentional Intermission


We all go about our lives doing, dreaming, being and existing. How often do we take an intentional intermission? A break to truly disconnect from our busy lives and focus on ourselves and our well-being?

Not often enough.

Instead we busy ourselves making sure everyone else has what they need. Deadlines are met for others. We make sure the kids get to school and sporting events on time. That they have healthy lunches and snacks, their social calendar is planned, they get enough sleep, the laundry is done, meals are prepared for them… I could go on and on, but I think you are getting what I am getting at.

Who is doing all of the above for YOU???

In my work with women over the years, I have noticed that women tend to put themselves and their personal, emotional, physical and spiritual needs last each day.


Why are we not taking care of ourselves first?

Just imagine what your life would look like and feel like if you started taking time and creating space for yourself and your well-being??? We are even told this piece of information when we fly, “put your oxygen mask on FIRST!” If you don’t, you will pass out and be unable to help yourself or anyone else around you.

I believe it is the same in life.

As women we have somehow gotten this crazy idea that we need to take care of everyone, and everything else before ourselves. It may have been taught to us by family, society, relationships, culture or where ever…

I would like to challenge you to schedule some intentional YOU time and see how much your life shifts and changes.

Implement these small changes into your every day and see what happens. It’s worth a shot, righ?

  • Schedule 30-60 minutes into each day just for YOU!!! Meditation, exercise, reading, journaling, sitting in nature, a bath, etc. Something that is JUST FOR YOU.
  • Buy food YOU enjoy eating, and food that makes you excited to serve your family and friends.
  • Laugh… Each day find time to JUST laugh.
  • Look at how you spend your days, find the lost and wasted minutes and make them useful.
  • Practice gratitude… Look around you and see all the GOOD, look past the other. See and feel how you begin feeling each day by looking at all the great things in your life.
  • Make a difference for someone else. Hold a door and smile, wave, buy the person behind you in the coffee line a coffee. Do something for someone else to make their day brighter.

Begin each day with a plan. A clear intention that includes you waking up each morning and putting on your oxygen mask FIRST. Be grateful for your life and everything around you. The day ahead of you is exciting and full, a day that you have planned and that feels good to live in and take part, not stressed or overwhelmed. Be nice to others, and laugh, smile and hug as much as you possibly can.