Are you ready the flip the switch, gain clarity and be held accountable?

Are you ready to eliminate the self-sabotaging beliefs and talk that are blocking you from your bliss?

Soul Excavation is a - one/one loving, guiding, empowering, intensive program for women who are ready for lasting personal change!

No more blaming and no more excuses, it is go time and by go time, I mean the time is now, to move forward, no looking back or comparing, just forward momentum and LOVE! This program is a deep intentional soul-searching, digging, recovering and aligning relationship. Are you ready to push the reset button and knock down the walls that keep you stuck and live a life of freedom and joy?

Are you ready, willing and wanting to UP-LEVEL your entire existence? Are you ready to commit fully to yourself and your well-being and invest in your future and a new way of thinking and living? Are you ready to put yourself FIRST???

Our first meeting, we will meet for 3 hours and dig right into the WORK.

  • We will determine our game plan for your clarity and transformation.
  • Lay the groundwork.
  • We will establish a solid foundation for the work you will be digging into.
  • You will set crystal clear intentions that come from your heart center, YOUR INTENTIONS!
  • Begin the process of implementing daily self-care, ritual, and connection to Spirit.
  • Design your Heart and Soul Map to begin the process of, Soul Excavation!
  • You will walk away from this Power session with a clear vision of the next 5 months of your transforming soul-work.

Once you commit to this life changing experience I will send you your SoulPKG full of all the pieces and tools you will need to dig into your beautiful self along with a lot of awesome goodies!!!

Before our first meeting I will have you complete some home/groundwork and answer may questions, so when we meet for your first of two 3-hour Power sessions you will be prepared, clear and ready to jump right in.

Client Love

"Working with Nicole has been a great blessing to me. She has been remarkably wise and supportive, yet unwavering in helping me focus on what is really important to me, what stands in my way, and what next steps I want and need to take to accomplish my goals. But, it’s more than just reaching your goals. Nicole is in tune to the inspiration and needs of both the big picture, and the current moment. She is a stellar listener. And she has fantastic, creative ideas that speak to my heart. It's amazing to me, looking back at the process, how unrecognizable my life has become in the last year—but in the best, most transformative and healing way possible. I’m certain I would not be in this place now without the tools and love I “unearthed” through my coaching work with Nicole!"

Malea Nicolet, LMT, Arvigo Abdominal Therapist

Soul Excavation is about you being fearless, gentle, committed, excited, kind and loving to your beautiful Soul.

Be courageous, know that you deserve lasting change, are capable and worthy of your hearts deepest desire, jump into this process, embrace it and find your bliss!

  • What do you desire most?
  • See it, feel it, reach for it, know it’s a possibility.
  • Connect with Spirit and Self. Practice self-love and self-care, stillness and embrace silence.
  • Take action - leap, jump. Go get it, embrace the transformation of self.
  • Tools to manage your energy and time.
  • Be grateful each day for where you are, what you have and who you are.

You will have unlimited email support, unlimited! This is an amazing piece of this offering. I will be available for you to ask direct questions and receive clear, direct, honest, loving feedback and guidance. You will be completely supported in this process.

It will be up to you to entirely commit and lean into this process and do your work, YOUR work! If you show up completely for yourself in this program BIG things will shift, change and become your new reality. This is your opportunity to dig as deep as you want; get raw, real, flourish, expand and bloom.

Intention is EVERYTHING.

Soul excavation includes:

  • Initial 3 hour Power session to lay the groundwork and plan our Soul Excavation, get crystal clear with what you desire most and want to accomplish in our 5 months together. ($425 value)
  • 2 hours of one/one time per month, phone calls or in person. ($250 value)
  • Unlimited email support and guidance. M-F 24 hour correspondence.
  • Personalized work designed for what your individual intentions, needs and desires are.
  • Worksheets and journaling prompts for your journey and transformation.
  • SoulPkg, this is full of goodies and the tools for your work in Soul Excavation.
  • Heart and Soul Map with crystal clear heart centered desires and an action plan to achieve each.
  • By being a VIP One/One client you will receive special discounted rates on offerings that fall in the 5 month timeframe that we are working together.
  • In the final month of Soul Excavation we will meet for another 3 hour Power session to tie up loose ends, getting you prepared for your happy, clear, joy filled, aligned life. You will be completely confident with the changes/shifts you have created and implemented into your daily structure. ($425 value)

Total investment $1999

$300 deposit to begin the process, 5 and 7 month payment plans available!

I don't want cost to keep anyone from connecting with me. If you need some financial love to make this happen, please get in touch and we can see what's possible.